The list below highlights the evidence produced or used specifically for the Sonning Common Plan.

When evidence was produced by others, they are named in brackets.  Note that all data drawn from the 2011 Census was based on areas slightly different to that of the Sonning Common parish.

1)      Housing:

a)      Housing and Housing Needs Study (Oxfordshire Rural Community Council)

b)       Housing mix types of NEW homes

c)     Interpretation of the ORCC SC Housing Survey - by NDP  - incl 2011 Census data

d)     UK House Prices 1950-2010

e)     UK Housing Completions 1950-2010

2)      Sport and Recreation

a)       Sport & Recreation survey results

3)      Community evidence, which includes information relevant to all other evidence

4)      Business survey

5)      Report on traffic (Ben Hamilton-Baillie*)

a)      Traffic survey

b)      NDP Traffic

6)      Ecology study (Rod d’Ayala):

a)      Map 1 - Potential development sites

b)      Map 2 - Survey areas

c)      Map 3 - Hedgerows and Woodland Boundaries

d)      Appendices, Sonning Common Records

e)      SONs 1-15 Map - with AONB boundary and Wildlife

7)      Site selection:

a)      Map of sites considered, prior to inclusion of SON 15A

b)      Site surveys auditing report

c)      Site selection summary report (Place Studio)

d)       Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (Potterton Associates)

e)      Accessibility Assessment, which also support the sport and recreation policies (Stuart Michael Associates)

i)        Figure 1 (Rev A) - Site Location Plan

ii)       Figure 2 - Accessibility Plan

iii)     Highways - Site Access Assessments Report

8)       Communications Log

9)     Meetings with landowners/agents/developers

10)    Sonning Common Character Assessment (Place Studio)

* This extremely short report was the outcome of a day’s visit.  Although mostly drafted as a proposal for further work, it includes key points about traffic and movement issues with Sonning Common.

The Sustainability Appraisal can also be examined on the parish website.

Saved Policies

Those policies that are in the South Oxfordshire District Council Core Strategy (2012) and which also apply to the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Development Plan are listed below. (This does not include those policies that do not apply to Sonning Common, for example about Green Belt or Didcot specifically).

• CSS1:  The Overall Strategy

• CSM1:  Transport (Partsv,vi,vii,viii,ixandx)

• CSM2:  Transport Assessments and Transport Plans

• CSEM1:  Supporting Successful Economy

• CSEM2:  The Amount and Distribution of Employment

• CSEM4:  Supporting Economic Development

• CSH1: Amount and Distribution of Housing

• CSH4:  Meeting Housing Needs

• CST1:  Town Centres and Shopping

• CSR1:  Housing in Villages

• CSR2:  Employment in Rural Areas

• CSEN1:  Landscape (Except iii)

• CSEN3:  Historic Environment

• CSQ2:  Sustainable Design and Construction (Except ii)

• CSQ3:  Design

• CSG1:  Green Infrastructure

• CSB1:  Conservation and Improvement of Biodiversity

These policies can be found on the South Oxfordshire District Council web site.

A2. Policy Context and Evidence

A3. Equalities Impact

A4. Pre-application Protocol