Character, Landscape and Site Assessment Surveys were made on all potential sites for development. These were performed by residents and members of Sonning Common Parish Council and the SCNDP team. These surveys were independently audited and analysed.

Here are the templates for the surveys conducted:

 Character Survey Template 

Landscape Survey Template

 Site Assessment Survey Template

Site Selection Criteria

The Site Ranking Criteria were devised using a number of respected planning sources, including SODC, in addition to recognition of key local issues raised at various SCNDP public meetings.

These criteria formed the basis of an evaluation grid in respect of each of the SON sites put forward by landowners and land agents for potential development (via SODC). A ‘traffic light’ system was adopted and used against each of the site ranking criterion. For example:

Is the site a ‘greenfield’ site? (If not, what % has previously been developed?) – Greenfield = Red; small dev % = Amber; Brownfield = Green.

Local residents from across the village, who had completed at least one of the structured Site Assessment Surveys, were invited to check the ‘draft’ green, amber and red annotations against the facts and the evidence which had emerged from the summaries of the 150 Site Assessment Surveys completed by residents.

'Traffic Light' grid - all SHLAA sites

'Traffic Light' grid - guide to approach

'Traffic Light' grid - audit by residents