The Story so Far
Sonning Common Parish Council decides a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) should be established for the village.

February 2012
An NDP working party, made up of parish councillors and volunteer residents, is formed. The purpose of the NDP is to ensure that residents’ views are taken into consideration in the formulation of new housing, recreation, employment, traffic and parking plans in Sonning Common until 2027. Public meeting in the Village Hall to explain the purpose of an NDP: 170 residents attend14 potential sites, approved by South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC), are considered for the building of 138 new homes.

July 2012
Public meetings convened in the Village Hall to recruit volunteer residents to complete structured Site Assessment, Landscape Setting and Village Character surveys on the 14 sites. (A total of 217 surveys are completed by July 2013). ‘Drop-in’ public meeting takes place in the Village Hall to update residents about the completed surveys to date and to gain their feedback on a regeneration of the village centre.

October-December 2012
A draft VISION Statement as to how Sonning Common might look in 2027 is circulated to 2,000 residents and their feedback sought. Approx 25% of respondents say Sonning Common needs affordable housing
approx 75% of respondents oppose backland development.
A Business Survey is conducted.
A Traffic Survey Task group is established (its interim report is published in July 2013)
Two public meetings, headlined ‘Decision Time,’ are held in the Village Hall. Detailed analyses of residents’ Site Assessment Surveys, using recognised planning criteria, are provided in three presentations and feedback requested.
Analyses of Site Assessment Surveys are independently audited by two groups of residents and the final conclusions published in Sonning Common Magazine.

Spring 2013
Chiltern Edge School governors request SODC to include part of the school site for potential new housing development. Site Assessment surveys are subsequently completed.

June 2013                           
SCNDP website is launched -

July 2013                            
A public meeting is held in the Village Hall to outline nine possible options for developing the now 15 available sites in Sonning Common. Feedback is sought.

October 2013                    
Public meeting in the Village Hall. Presentations focus on:
Traffic and transport
Village character
Residents’ three preferred options for development (outcome of July meeting).

November 2013                
A public exhibition is held in the Village Hall to update residents on the SCNDP ‘Story So Far’.

April 2014                           
A draft Scoping Report is published by the SCNDP Working Party, looking at the sustainability of proposed development in Sonning Common. The report is circulated to designated consultees, including neighbouring parishes, and is available on the SCNDP website.

June 2014                          
The NDP working party holds meetings with residents whose homes neighbour the proposed, shortlisted sites for development - SON 6 (Kennylands Road In-fill), SON 7 (Hagpits), SON 9 (Lea Meadow), SON 15a (Chiltern Edge Top) - to explain the proposals and gather feedback.
Further meetings are held with residents who live nearby SON 1 (Old Copse Field) and SONs 2 and 3 (Bishopswood Middle Field and Memorial Hall Field).

November 2014
Public exhibitions take place in the village hall on 15 and 16 November - a preliminary public consultation on the draft NDP. A total of 257 residents attend the sessions. Nearly 200 feedback questionnaires are returned.

The Sonning Common Neighbourhood Development Plan (SCNDP) will be written.
Landowners, residents and other relevant parties will be consulted. The Plan will be submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) as well as an independent examiner for approval.
Residents will vote on the Plan in a referendum - summer 2015. A 50% vote in favour of the Plan will make it a legally-recognised policy for planning and development in Sonning Common until 2027.

September 2016
Residents voted overwhelmingly for the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Development Plan to be adopted following a referendum on Thursday 29th September. 94% of electors voted 'yes'.