Sonning Common Magazine

Articles have been published regularly in Sonning Common Magazine since 2012 about the progress of Sonning Common Neigbourhood Development Plan (SCNDP). The articles are all listed below in chronological order. Please click on the underlined links to view the articles.

December/January 2012:  Housing survey results will help inform NDP

February/March 2012:  Villagers to have their say

April/May 2012:  Design Day flyer

What neighbourhood planning will cover

June/July 2012:  Community spirit

August/September 2012:  Neighbourhood planning is moving forward

October/November 2012:  NDP marches on

February/March 2013:  Progress to date and housing survey results

April/May 2013: Decision time for consideration of sites

June/July 2013:  Traffic: One of Sonning Common's major concerns

Shaping the future

August/September 2013:  Changes in the village centre

Some identified problems with the village centre

October/November 2013: Report of the public meeting of July 2013 and feedback on  proposals for SON sites 15a and 15b (Chiltern Edge School)

December/January 2014: NDP: 7th public meeting in the consultation series

February/March 2014:  The NDP for Sonning Common: An introduction

SON site status report plus map;   parish boundary map

From the editor

The story so far: Timeline

April/May 2014:  Potential sale of land for development

June/July 2014:  Neighbourhood development plan update

August/September 2014:  Neighbourhood development plan update

October/November 2014:  NDP for Sonning Common - SON site status report

February/March 2015:  The NDP is not just about new homes

The Final Countdown: Formal consultation on the plan commences

April/May 2015:NDP pre-submission consultation

June/July 2015: Positive feedback from residents on the NDP

August/September 2015: Between a rock and a hard place

October/November 2015: NDP: an update

December 2015/January 2016: This has to be the final stage of the NDP!

February/March 2016: Neighbourhood Plan moves onwards