Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan Review

Neighbourhood Plan Revision Working Party

Working Party Members

Councillor Tom Fort, Chairman

Councillor Leigh Rawlins
Ros Varnes, Deputy Parish Clerk
Sonning Common Parish Council

Diana Pearman
Julia Whitelaw
Alastair Morris
Barrie Greenwood
Stewart Woolfrey
Michael Bowker
Sheelagh Bowker
Derek Wilmot

If you would like to contact the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan Working Party please email or call the Parish Council office on 0118 972 3616.

The orginal 2012 NDP Working Party

Working Party members:
Councillor Barrie Greenwood, Chairman.
Councillor Tom Fort
Councillor Leigh Rawlins
Councillor Colin Reynolds
(Sonning Common Parish Council)
Alastair Morris
Diana Pearman
Julia Whitelaw
A representative from Kidmore End Parish Council
Agenda and minutes are sent to Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council
Philip Collings, ex-officio, Clerk to Sonning Common Parish Council