T A Fisher's proposal for SON 5

Sonning Common Parish Council

Planning Committee

Special public meeting on:


08 December 2016

Sonning Common Village Hall,

Wood Lane, 7.30pm

To discuss:

An outline planning application by T A Fisher to build 30 new homes with associated landscaping and public open space on land behind 44 Kennylands Road RG4 9JT (SON 5) with access to the site from Kennylands Road.

Planning reference:       P16/S3707/O

 Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting.

 The plans may be viewed on South Oxfordshire District Council’s website (www.southoxon.gov.uk/services-and-advice/planning-and-building/find-application) or at the Parish Office, Village Hall (phone: 0118 972 3616).

Gallagher Estates proposal for SON 6

26 means 26!

First test of the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan

You may be aware of a new planning application that is currently being considered by South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) to develop up to 95 new homes on land off the Kennylands Road (planning application reference P16/S3142/O).

The Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan allocates part of the site, known as SON 6, for 26 new homes to be built along the roadside to fill in the gap between numbers 56 and 80 Kennylands Road.

The applicant, Gallagher Estates, wishes to increase this number by 69 to a total of 95 new homes on a much larger SON 6 site.

Not needed

This additional number of new homes is not required because our Neighbourhood Plan has already made provision for over and above the number of new homes it was allocated by SODC. (Sonning Common was allocated 138 new homes by SODC; our Plan makes provision for 195).

First test of our Neighbourhood Plan

This application by Gallagher Estates is the first test of our Neighbourhood Plan which was adopted by SODC on 13 October 2016, following overwhelming public support in a referendum on 29 September. A total of 94% of Sonning Common residents voted for the plan to be adopted – the highest YES vote for any Neighbourhood Plan in the south Oxfordshire district. The vote was based on a turn out of 48%.

SCPC’s Planning Committee strongly recommends refusal

On Monday 17 October 2016 Sonning Common Parish Council’s Planning Committee met to consider the Gallagher Estates proposal. It decided unanimously to recommend refusal of the application, in the strongest possible terms, because:

  • the proposal goes against the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan, as endorsed by an overwhelmingly high number of residents

Additionally, the committee opposes the application on the planning grounds that it would: 

  • negatively impact on the open countryside and character of the area
  • spread development southwards from the village towards Reading, reducing the separation distance between the two areas
  • significantly increase traffic flow and parking problems, particularly in the village centre
  • lead to the loss of publicly-enjoyed open green space
  • damage local wildlife habitats
  • cause increased disturbance to existing residents

Further details

Click here to see the full response from the Parish Council’s Planning Committee to SODC regarding the Gallagher Estates proposal.

Click here to see the Gallagher Estates outline planning application P16/S3142/O on SODC’s website.

Or, plans may be viewed at the Parish Office, Village Hall, Wood Lane. Please telephone 0118 972 3616 to make an appointment.

What next?

South Oxfordshire District Council is currently considering whether to approve or reject this application. Further information will follow.

The SODC planning officer handling this application is:

Mr Phil Moule

Senior Planning Officer, Major Applications

South Oxfordshire District Council

135 Eastern Avenue

Milton Park




OX14 4SB