Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan Review

Plan Revision

Public Consultation - Thursday 14 November 2019

Around 100 residents attended the second public consultation event under the Neighbourhood Plan revision process, which took place in Sonning Common Village Hall, Wood Lane, on Thursday 14 November 2019.

The purpose of the event was to share the results of the site assessment and landscape surveys, conducted by resident volunteers earlier in 2019, as well as the appraisals by professional landscape consultants of the 11 sites (listed below) which are currently under consideration for potential future housing development.

Initial feedback on the potential suitability of the sites for housing development was sought from residents who attended the meeting. More in-depth public consultations are due to be held towards the end of January 2020 before any decisions are made on which sites to take forward under the Neighbourhood Plan review.

Presentation by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party on 14 November 2019

Village map with 11 SON sites